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Narnia News

It’s been very exciting to see the many press releases about the Narnia carvings recently, in anticipation of the project’s September completion. The Smithsonian, the GuardianĀ and The Sunday Times amongst others….

A number of the carvings are still being worked on, the detail of which- such as Aslan’s mane or Farsight’s feathers- will allow the carvings to be “read” from a distance.

St Mary’s Church, Beverley- Narnia Scheme

Work to the Narnia scheme is well underway- we’re now translating our designs (from the plaster casts) into stone.

It’s been a very interesting and creative process to develop carvings which capture the feel of these characters and we have tried to do this by adding some narrative context- either with a direct reference to an event or by a more general sense of the character’s role in the story- it’s loyalties and/or environment.

St Mary’s has just issued a press release which you can access here.


Historic England Committee

Matthias was recently appointed member of the Historic Estate Conservation Committee- a three-year appointment- with the responsibility to advise on the conservation and maintenance of properties within the National Heritage Collection. He was honoured to accept the position.

Master Craftsman Award


Well done Matthias for being awarded The Worshipful Company of Mason’s Master Craftsman’s Certificate Award, 2017. The ceremony was held at the Merchant Taylor’s Hall, London, in February.