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We are committed to perpetuation of the craft though the training and employment of apprentices. To date, each of our apprentices has been recognised by outside bodies as exceptional in his craft: one has been awarded “Apprentice of the Year” by English Heritage, one has received a Gold Medal of Excellence (best apprentice within the UK) in masonry and carving by the City and Guilds, and was awarded a travelling Fellowship with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (The SPAB). Our most recent apprentice was awarded a year-long training bursary by the National Heritage Training Group (NHTG).

Our workshop maintains a strong link with German apprenticeship system whereby travel is considered an integral part of learning a craft. We often employ ‘wandergeselle’ for short periods of time, especially during larger projects. As such, the make-up and numbers of our employees changes from year to year depending on the nature of our projects. But what remains constant is our commitment to fine craftsmanship and a passion for our work.