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The “Railway King”

The team has just finished repairing the very-damaged memorial for George Hudson, his wife and children- including repainting the lettering.  The memorial sits in the churchyard of St Peter and St Paul, Scrayingham.

Historic England Committee

Matthias was recently appointed member of the Historic Estate Conservation Committee- a three-year appointment- with the responsibility to advise on the conservation and maintenance of properties within the National Heritage Collection. He was honoured to accept the position.

Conserving St Denys

The tracery has been cleaned, measured, drawn, masoned and fixed, ready to host the medieval glass- conserved by Barley Studios, York. Please see the project page for detailed pics!

Medieval traces


Traces of the past- 13c setting out lines on the tracery pieces of St Deny’s Church, York. Our team are in the process of renewing and repairing these important windows.

SPAB members’ weekend, York

Last weekend, Matthias delivered the keynote address at this year’s SPAB members’ weekend, held in York, where he discussed the complex relationship between historic building conservation and the perpetuation of traditional building crafts- and the impact on training in the UK.

Fundamental to the future of excellence in craftsmanship is continued support for the exchange of skills and knowledge which comes from travel- or freedom of movement- (an essential component of traditional craft training), and an inclusive and collaborative relationship with our European colleagues.

York Design Awards 2017!

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Great news for the Team- the Rigg Monument conservation project has been shortlisted for this year’s York Design Awards. Have a look at the project page for detailed pics. Further info about the awards can be found here:

Master Craftsman Award


Well done Matthias for being awarded The Worshipful Company of Mason’s Master Craftsman’s Certificate Award, 2017. The ceremony was held at the Merchant Taylor’s Hall, London, in February.

York recognition

york guild of building 2016 WP_20141203_007

The Team, being awarded the York Guild of Building Craftsmanship Award for our conservation work at St Martin’s Church, Fangfoss, East Yorkshire.

Corpus on the way

christ- wood armature christ 1- clay

From wooden armature to working clay model (approx. 1.2m length). Next step- to carve the corpus in limewood. The benefit of developing the design in clay is that the problem-solving has now largely been resolved. The task is now to establish the deep, modelled cuts that limewood allows in order catch light and shadow- which will make the piece much more dramatic……. and now the corpus is complete- please see the project page for detailed pics!

That’s better.

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Rob just completed this lettered plaque for the Bugthorpe War Memorial Institute- copied like for like from the original, which was badly deteriorated.