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Matthias Garn

Matthias is from Dresden, Germany and has worked as a mason and carver for over 20 years. Following his apprenticeship in one of the most prestigious workshops in Dresden, Matthias spent 6 years working throughout Europe in over a dozen masonry and carving workshops before moving to England in 1998 to join Wells Cathedral Stonemasons. He joined Dick Reid’s workshop in York the following year, where he stayed for more than 5 years before establishing his own business.

In 2001, Matthias was accepted as a William Morris Craft Fellow with the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. He was then awarded a Queen Elizabeth Scholarship towards completing the German Qualification of Master in Masonry, Carving and Conservation.

Matthias has an MA in Historic Conservation from University of York, King’s Manor. He was awarded a Master Craftsman Certificate from the Worshipful Company of Masons and he is a Freeman of the City of London.

Kibby Schaefer

Kibby was raised in New York City, gained her BA (Art History) from Reed College, Portland, OR, her MSc from the University of Edinburgh (Honours Art History; Medieval and Renaissance Works of Art on Paper) and her Diploma in Architectural Woodcarving from City and Guilds of London Art School.

In 2001 she joined Dick Reid’s workshop in York, UK as an architectural woodcarver before joining this workshop as Partner in 2008.



Theo Cadet

Compagnions du Devoir- stone mason; fixer mason; stone carver

Luke Middleton

Stonemason; fixer mason; carver. NVQ Level 3 Banker Masonry; CSCS Gold Heritage Card; Awarded National Heritage Training Group (NHTG) Funding 2012-2013; CITB Funded 2013-1014

Matthew Hodgkinson

Stone carver and mason; letter cutter; woodcarver. NVQ Level 3 Stonemasonry; NVQ Level 3 Bench Joinery; NVQ Level 3 Wood Machining; CSCS Gold Heritage Card; Awarded Heritage Lottery Fund Bursary Scheme Scholarship for stone carving and masonry; Quick lime mortar trained 2014; PASMA (scaffold towers) trained; British Museum Casting trained 2010.

Matt did his Apprenticeship in woodcarving at Linfords under Mike Painter and then worked for the York Minster as a stone carver for a number of years before joining our team in 2015.

David Switalla

Master stonemason; fixer mason; carver. CSCS Gold Heritage Card. German Qualifications: Steinmetz und Steinbildhauermeister; Steintechniker; Restaurator und Steinmetzhandwerk. CAD proficient.

David joined our workshop in 2016.

James Baily

Apprentice stonemason

Family + Tradition

Matthias’ father, Tasso Garn, carving replica figures and ornament for historic sites in Dresden, Germany using traditional materials and methods.

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Our workshop has evolved from a tradition of stone masonry and carving which is still very much alive in places such as Dresden- where Master teaches Apprentice, who becomes Master, and so forth. For this reason we consider it an obligation to train the next generation, to perpetuate the craft by example as was traditionally done.